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Stand-up meal

Holding celebration is simultaneously pleasant worries and a headache. You want everything to be ideal but you have to think about a plenty of things: style, program, place, treat… Head is spinning. A buffet can turn any event into something dynamic and memorable.

Akjera-Catering will help you to cope with celebration organization. We will assume the most appetizing task: we will treat your guests with hearty and various food! Our dishes will make every celebration unforgettably delicious. The specialty of our company is catering, or ready-made food delivery. We offer to order a buffet with delivery to the indicated address in Moscow.

We serve a buffet table for:

The more guests the better!

Just tell us how many people you are planning to treat and we offer a buffet menu for ten, fifteen, twenty, forty people. Are you waiting for more? Excellent! It will be fun!

It is not so hard than meets the eye. Just count, at least approximately, how many people there will be and we will help to calculate food for everybody.

Ordering a buffet is inexpensive, easy and convenient. You kill two birds with one stone:

Generous treat provides 50% of success. People talk to each other. Our waiters slid quietly between guests, watching them not to be hungry and watching glasses to be full, taking away dirty dishes. All you can do is to enjoy celebration that became a big success.

We will help you to organize a buffet in Moscow

We offer the great variety of dish design, serving and table decoration:

Akjera-Catering provides catering with table serving, holds and services buffets in Moscow. Our waiters will carry snacks unobtrusively, watch dishes not to run out, pour drinks, keep everything clean. Staff is well trained, our people are invisible during an event, only results of their work are seen.

You can order the organization of a turn-key buffet in Moscow. In this case you tell about a number of invited people, purpose of an event. You should describe broadly what you would like to see. We will calculate food, select a menu, solve problems regarding buffet table design.
In this case treatment for guests is our care. You can do more important things. Of course, when everything is counted and planned an event project will be given for agreement and approval. Everything in our work is considered and planned beforehand. Unexpected things disturb celebration.

Buffet order price

Usually buffet price depends on calculated weight of dishes and also drink volume for every guest. However it is not the only variant.
We are ready to adapt to demands of every customer:

Final price will be higher if there will be waiters and in case of the whole organization on our own. Price is certainly agreed beforehand, at least some days before a planned celebration.

Price also can be higher if it will be necessity to correct a menu or a number of guests on the eve. We might have to buy products or involve extra-staff in cooking dishes or guest servicing.

Why do they trust us buffet organization in Moscow?

Buffet menuEvery event has its own nuances: decoration, look of dishes, delivery features. Drinks are discussed apart: alcohol presence, drinking by each guest. We take into account everything to hold your celebration perfectly.

A buffet menu consists of little, convenient, dishes, literally for one bit:

Buffet table design and decoration can be individual for a concrete event or standard. Examples are presented in the photo gallery.


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