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Coffee break

Coffee break – A relaxing pause during a difficult conference

International conference, meetings of business people and other important get-togethers – this is just a short list of the things that take up so much time and energy and allow for just a short break.

In order to get the most use out of this break and have maximum benefit and effect from the short time, many companies practice the coffee break.

Coffee breaks are an undeniable part of any lengthy gathering, such as a seminar, a presentation, a business meeting or an art class. Sportive and entertainment meetings also have coffee breaks as an important part.

The relaxing coffee break usually lasts no longer than 30 or 40 minutes. This time must be used wisely, and the participants of the meeting must use it to exchange their opinions in a less formal environment, have a tasty and refreshing drink and also restore their strength for a more interesting and lively discussion.

Organizing coffee-breaks is one of the main jobs that the company Akjera Catering carries out.

We have many years of experience and a staff of professional specialists, so we can guarantee you high-quality catering and event services.

We are characterized by a high quality of service, very professional staff and many different dishes and in a wide assortment. You can file an order online.

Company Anjera Catering: Coffee bar in Moscow for most decent price

The main benefits of organizing a coffee break

Organizing a drive-out coffee-bar in Moscow you receive a number of important benefits and privileges:

The coffee break can be organized today if you call us on the phone!

List of dishes and refreshing drinks that are offered on a traditional coffee break

The standard menu for a coffee bar includes a list of common foods and drinks, such as:

Coffee breaks can be organized individually and each client will have a different menu, depending on wat he expects from the coffee break.

If any questions or disputes arise that concern the assortment of foods and drinks in the menu, then you will be able to use professional consultation from any of our workers. Their area of competence includes a wide assortment of responsibilities – they decide the dishes, the date of holding the coffee-break, the price of all the menu and the possibility of cashless payment for the food.

To order a coffee break in Moscow using the Akjera Catering company is the one and only true choice!

Why should you refer to us when ordering a coffee break?

In order to order a coffee break in Moscow, you can ask different companies, but the only one that will offer you an individualized menu and a flawless service is the one called Akjera Catering, which will offer a service for the most choose and gourmet participants of the coffee-break.

We are positively distinguished among other similar organizations that offer coffee-breaks on your location in the following aspects:

Company Akjera-Catering offers great relaxin coffee breaks and coffee bars at a great price.


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