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New year Banquet

New Year is a holiday that is usually celebrated fun, with a flourish, in the circle of relatives, colleagues and like-minded people. It is believed that this special night determines what the next 12 months will be like – and all people want that their life to be easy, pleasing and abundant. So, when you’re preparing the celebration, you need to pay special attention to the festive meal and entertainment events. New year’s banquets also allow you to unite a family or company, demonstrate to partners and competitors the status of the company and your good taste.

However, organizing a Banquet for the New Year in Moscow is a difficult task, which is very hard to do with for an unprepared person. You need to create a scenario of the event, choose a festive menu, rent a hall and equipment and invite artists. And where should you find time in this case to choose gifts, buying a carnival costume and other exciting chores that give this holiday a special magical flavor? Errors and flaws can happen with a high probability, so it’s can spoil the pleasure of guests.

The best way out of the situation is to entrust the preparation for the celebration to a professional catering company. Employees of the Agency «Akzhera-Keitering» have all the necessary knowledge and skills to perfectly organize a Banquet for the New Year and give you a wonderful holiday.

What is included in the list of services?

We’ll take care of all the stages of organizing the celebration:

The package of services ordered from one company will allow you to save time, nerves and even money. Besides, the prices for New year’s Banquet “turnkey” will be significantly lower than the cost of renting a hall, ordering festive dishes, inviting artists and other stages of preparation for the holiday together. Most of all, you don’t have to coordinate the work of different companies or worry about late delivery.
Where and how to organize a cheap New year’s Banquet in Moscow?

Offsite catering allows you to organize:

New year’s holidays are the time for bold experiments and unusual solutions. Order a themed event in an unusual entourage in the catering company. It can be based on the adventures of fairy-tale heroes, “return to the USSR” or the Eastern symbol of 2020 – a White (Gray) Metal Rat. Specialists from our agency will create a suitable scenario, choose appropriate costumes for the staff, decorate the hall – and the Banquet will turn into an unforgettable event that will provide you with positive impressions and emotions for the whole next year.

When should order a Banquet for the New Year 2020-2021?

The fame of outdoor catering is growing, so take care of the holiday in advance. Otherwise, all the attractive offers will be occupied, and you will have to settle for the remaining ones. To organize a cheap Banquet for the New Year in December 2020 or early January 2021, you should order agency services already in November, because as the holidays approach, prices are increasing, and the cost of catering companies services are increasing too.


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