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New year’s buffet

New year is the best holiday all the world. It’s the funniest event in the year, the most desirable, full of positive emotions, excellent mood and waiting for changes.

First of all, it’s met in the work team. But there is no time to organize the celebration in the most cases. The company «Akzhera-Keitering» offers to order a buffet for the New Year in December 2019 – directors should to worry about who will organize the event.

We give a guarantee that the holiday will be excellent – there will be a lot of music, laughter, an interesting program, contests and gifts. And, of course, Grandfather Frost with Snow Maiden always go to this celebration too. One of the most popular DJs of our city will hold the evening event, and besides pop stars will sing for you. Everybody dance!

And your business partners and employees will value your caring for them. It’s checked.

Why do people order a buffet for the New year

This format is not just a tribute to fashion, when all the guests are free to move around the room. This is very comfortably and thoughtful when a lot of people meet together. The New year’s buffet makes it possible to bring together completely different groups into one team – ordinary employees, guests, managers and business partners.

The most important distinctive feature of a buffet from a banquet is the absence of a traditional compulsory tableful. All tables are ready access, that allows guests to intersect with each other in different companies. It’s kind of Brownian movement around the room.

To organize a New year’s buffet on your own is not the easiest thing to do. First of all, there are a lot of things fall down in December, that you need to do very urgently. To entrust the organization of the holiday to professionals is the best way out of the situation.

Agency «Akzhera-Keitering» specializes in providing catering and event services.

We’ll prepare a New year’s buffet for you in December 2019:

For you – beautiful halls, Christmas decorations and beautiful Christmas tree!

New year’s menu at buffets is a gift from our chef

New year can’t be without delicious and nice food. It’s the law. A special menu that our chef prepared for New year’s buffets is exquisite, aesthetical, striking taste combinations. The menu includes salads-cocktails, various canapes, meat and fish snacks, desserts, soft drinks and alcoholic drinks.

We tried to make sure that our guests will be able to have fun from their hearts. The most important condition for this is proper light food. In this case you can achieve exactly what you want. Invited guests will be fed, happy and easy-going.

Special offer from «Akzhera-Keitering»

We offer to organize a buffet for the New year 2020 / 2021. We offer special programs for corporate clients that give an opportunity to have a good rest for all guests without exception.

We tried to make this evening as much as possible interesting and exciting for you. Music, dancing, famous singers and bands – everything will be for you on this day. Well, just so you know – Grandfather Frost with Snow Maiden have already prepared gifts for you. Don’t forget to learn a rhyme for them!

Our company has started reception of applications for New year’s buffets. Probably, we need to hurry – New year is rushing to us, soon everything will happen!!!


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