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Event management

We provide excellent turnkey event solutions

Each event held by our company includes a carefully thought-out and individually designed program, which takes all the details into account.

We are not limiting ourselves to organizing events only in classic restaurants and cafes. At the client’s request, we can organize events on the roof of high-rise buildings, in loft apartments, in stylized hangars and even bunkers. There is no limit to your imagination!

Our agency tackles even the most daunting tasks and organizes events of any scale from scratch, thereby sparing our clients of any problems related to it.

The secret of our agency’s success is a high level of organization and a relaxed atmosphere at the event.

Looking for good event agencies in Moscow? We suggest you entrust this task to a company with 13 years of experience. Our services include the management of buffets, banquets, corporate parties, coffee breaks, and barbecues.

The Akjera-Catering team consists of experienced professionals specializing in catering services, holding any type of events, providing sound equipment, and developing festive programs.

Thanks to the impeccable coordination between our employees, the events are held without any slip-ups, as every tiny detail that affects the overall impression of the guests’ matters. Thousands of satisfied customers choose our event management agency in Moscow. Well-developed patterns of work combined with fresh creative ideas always provide an impressive result.

Akjera-Catering event management agency is ready to surprise you

We offer you a full range of catering and event services. We are ready to organize and hold events at any site you provide, and we also have our own base of venues to conduct your event at. These include more traditional banquet rooms, as well as modern open-air zones, designed for a different number of guests. You can find all the options, see photos and detailed conditions in the Venues section of the site.

Event management by our company in Moscow is accompanied by on-site catering services, regardless of where the event is held. We provide our clients with a large menu of classic European and exotic dishes to choose from, and can also organize a candy buffet for kids’ birthday parties.

Do you need competent event management and organization in Moscow? Then take a look at our offers.

Event management services by our company in Moscow are in great demand for several important reasons:

We are waiting for your call to discuss the details!


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